Role filled: Interim Project Director

Lincs Offshore Wind farm is located 8 km of the UK north sea coast and consists of 72 3.6MW wind turbines with a combined capacity of 270 MW.

The foundation project delivered by MT Højgaard was meet with a request from the project owner Centrica to accelerate the contract delivery and thereby minimize the impact for the subsequent turbine installation contract. We developed and executed a revised program with several improvement which lead to a successful completion of the project. But also very clearly demonstrated that strong dependencies, in this case the shared installation vessel for the foundation and subsequently turbine installation can be difficult to manage. The hard constrain around the shared vessel was maintained as the clients preferred solution and a number of initiatives were developed around this and still reduce the overall construction period.

The impact of the above was managed by us and MT Højgaard and consisted of a number of initiatives that maximized the installation speed:

  • Fatigue calculation and monitoring of actual energy consumption during piling was optimized to ensure that the refusal levels was not overly conservative and thereby introducing additional time-consuming drilling.
  • The drilling rig was mobilized to the offshore installation site onboard its own jack-up vessel, thereby significantly reducing the reaction time from refusal was detected during piling and until the drilling rig was in position and drilling was initiated
  • The grout process was improved with comprehensive monitoring and data logging to allow for installation and grouting process down to +2 deg. Celsius and thereby adding more working time to the schedule.
Lings offshore wind farm