Role filled: Project Director

The Belwind 1 Offshore Wind Park is located at Bligh Bank, 50 km off the Belgian coast in the North Sea and consist of 55 Vestas V90-3.0 MW turbines with a combined capacity of 165 MW.


What made Belwind 1 outstanding:

Record breaking commissioning concept.


During the early project phase we developed a unique commissioning concept that lead to a record breaking speed of commissioning and connecting the turbines to the grid.

Basically the turbines nacelle is connected to a ground controller and thereby to the grid although already while the Nacelle is resting on-shore typical in the construction harbor. The turbines and all of its control systems is then “pre-commissioned” on land and the system is connected to the long-term service center witch normally is a remote surveillance center manned 24/7. The service center then assists the installation and commissioning team with online diagnostics and surveillances during the whole process of transport, installation, commissioning and finally connected to the grid offshore.

The ambiguous goal for us, was 10 turbines per. working day but the team executing the commissioning actually react 12 WTG´s in one working day.

The commissioning team actually managed to connect 12 wind turbines in one working day with only one Crew Transfer Vessel

A record that stands even today, many years after the Belwind 1 project went into operation

The concept is simple, and could with a relative small investment be introduced to all future offshore installations.

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